A Piece of Cheesecake is Never Just a Piece of Cheesecake

February 28, 2017


A piece of cheesecake is never just a piece of cheesecake. Cast into my lake and I will eat your hook. 

Emily McCollister writes a chapbook true to our generation. She takes us on a lyrical journey of society's "should haves" and contradictory "let it go" mantras through honest eyes. With captivating artwork collaged across the pages, the reader is mesmerized into a world of technology and relationships, an organized chaos with instant access to lingering reminders, much like how it feels to be a young adult woman in present times. We are lucky to catch a glimpse. 

Emily's work speaks for itself. She has given us a story to read when in need of a laugh, creative inspiration, and hope. Personally, I read to hear a voice who tells it like it is. 

I met Emily in a creative writing class at Columbia College Chicago a few years ago. I always remember the striking impact her feedback added to the room. She is an independent, passionate, and open-minded soul, who doesn't let fear stop her from sharing her opinion and lending out her hand. I admire this lady, she is one to look out for. 

"Only when I think about it do I think about it - I don't let myself think about it"

Discover more about Emily and her work! You can purchase her chapbook, A Piece of Cheesecake is Never Just A Piece of Cheesecake at www.thecheesecakewasneverjustcheesecake.com 


Styled Shoot
Photography: Darian Kayce
Model: Emily McCollister


Words + Excerpt Photo By: Ari Frunze