Graphics + Kicks

July 14, 2016


Homesick is rooted from self-expression. Our community is about sharing the many ways we express ourselves. 

How do I express myself best? I have two main outlets.

W R I T T E N   W O R D



I remember my favorite tees growing up. One was baby blue with red sleeves. It had a graphic of cherries and the word wild written in cursive underneath. I used to part my hair all the way down the middle and wrapped two low messy buns with green ties. I loved this combination. I thought it was so cool that the green brought out the detail in the cherries. Another favorite tee was all white with a plastic graphic in the center. When I say plastic, I mean the 70s VW beetle bug graphic was 3D! It was squishy like a baby's chewing ring. The pink and blue car was covered by a clear casing, filed with water and silver glitter. When you touched it, it moved around. Groovy.

I have always been drawn to specific items of clothing, because of the way they make me feel. My personal style changes with growth, my color moods are never consistent, but a few things have remained since the beginning. 

I am a sucker for comfortable, loose tees. I like graphics on designs, because I know they have a story behind them. Maybe the artist just really likes cherries or she is wild incognito, but a single word or drawing can carry the most depth. To me, the perfect tee is simple, yet multidimensional. 

As for bottoms, I like high waistlines, skinny ankles, mini & midi hems. Being 5'2" short, I need to highlight the shape of my legs. 

Delicate jewelry is my jam. I went through a stage of wearing those chunky ball necklaces when I was in Jr. High and sometimes I would tie a ribbon around my neck, (90s kids, where you at?) But, a constant for me is dainty charms, stones, chains, wraps, and gems. I find the best quality silver pieces in Mexico. I must feature my collection in a future post.

I am a sneaker girl, forever and always. From skating with the neighborhood boys to taking on city life, tennis shoes are without a doubt the greatest. They are my go to, because they are ideal for travel. Sneakers are durable and easy to adjust. When I match with the right pair, my feet are weightless. In sneakers, I am confident. I can accomplish anything. 

H O W   D O   Y O U   E X P R E S S   Y O U R S E L F ?

Through words? Style? Other ways?

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Outfit details:

Kicks - Nike
Mid Rise Skirt - Sequel's Resale Shop // H&M
Muscle Tee - Sequel's Resale Shop // Brandy Melville 
Purse - Sequel's Resale Shop // Big Buddha
Sunnies - Mildblend Supply Co.


Written by Ari Frunze