Homesick Road Trip Short Film

August 14, 2015

Introducing a production I am proud to be a part of. We meshed our individual passions together and took a road trip to Tennessee. We wanted to question the meaning of home and discover it in unfamiliar places. In my opinion, that is exactly what happened, in unexpected ways. It is absolutely incredible how the reality of what I imagined this experience would be like...shocked me in a different, yet positive direction. Because of this, I have grown and I have changed.

I'm forever grateful to everyone who worked their booties off on this film. Writer and Director, Al Benoit, your visions are undeniably unique and I admire your ability to bring honest moments to life. Jonah Rubash, you are a super hero for hiking and dodging waterfalls with your camera. Your work is breathtaking. Chloe Howcroft and Luisa Blanco, you both inspire me with your eclectic souls and I enjoyed bonding with you.

Special thank you to all of the backers for this project and everyone else who helped along the way!

For behind the scenes photos, peep our adventure's hashtag on Instagram #homesickroadtrip.

We hope you enjoy.