How To Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

November 03, 2016

Summer has come and gone, and another school year is upon us. For those college students moving into off-campus (or even on-campus) apartments, it’s time to start making your new living space feel more like home. Living in a new place is a great opportunity for you to decorate from scratch. Now you can deck out your space exactly how you want it, as opposed to your other rooms at home. But sometimes, redesigning a new living area can be little overwhelming. Here are my personal tips on how to make your new place feel more like home.


  1. Fill it with texture

How To Make Your New Place Feel Like HomeHow To Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Your bed is the most important part of your personal space. It’s not just where you sleep, but also where you: study, watch T.V., chat with friends, and eat. With fall right around the corner, adding textured décor gives your space a warm and cozy atmosphere. Don’t deprive your space of a valuable design element. Throw a textured pillow onto your bed or chair. If you’re feeling extra cuddly when the weather gets cooler, add a textured blanket that is rich in color to the mix. Even including something as simple as a candle atop a crochet doily can bring out that intimate perception.


  1. Scent up your space


Light lots of candles! Engaging smells can bring out positive vibes within your room. Whether you use potpourri, incense, or candles, a scented home is a cozy home. I always have candles burning; especially when fall hits, I take it up a notch. My current fall scent is Marzipan Pumpkin, but apple and cinnamon are other great options too. The warmth of a candle light makes any new space feel like home in an instant.


  1. Display your artwork

Find a place for your creations and give your bare walls a makeover! Whether its inspiration quotes, paintings, simple wall hangings, etc.; fill the empty space. This adds character and individuality to your home. If you aren’t creative, Pinterest provides inexpensive, trendy and simple DIY projects. If displaying your own artwork isn’t the feeling of home, I’m not sure what is.

Additional tip: Add some stellar picture frames to remember your family and friends back at home.



  1. Be casual

Create a small lounge area within your home and add some accessories. There’s a homey feeling that goes along with making your space feel lived in. The bedside stand is decorative, but also serves as storage. For some fun, the record player (or any other music device) can blast all your favorite tunes. Pack up your favorite magazines/books and place them out on the stand for easy access when you have some quiet time. My current favorite read is, Milk and Honey! Additionally, adding flowers (or in my case dried up plant arrangements for an autumn vibe) can make you feel connected to the outdoors. To make your plants or flowers feel more decorative, set them in a mason jar and fill rocks, jewels, or beads at the bottom. Top off the jar by tying lace or ribbon around the center.


  1. Area Rugs

Rugs and blankets will help warm your space and give your floor a mix of patterns and colors. Rugs also offer a comfortable spot for your feet to skim or cuddle up while doing homework, talking with friends, or making crafts. When you add a rug or two, you’ll find that your space will feel more complete.



  1. Bring out the sweaters

Don’t forget to bring along something pleasurable…your favorite sweaters! When cooler temperatures arrive, you’re going to want to snuggle up in your favorite sweater, to wrap around and hug against the cold, or for when we are feeling a little homesick. Favorite sweaters include: the classic cardigan, the chunky pullover, or prints and patterns. The chunky pullovers are my favorite, what’s yours?


Written by Ellie Hoge