The Dream Is Out There

August 20, 2016

I have never lived in a world where my parents weren't fulfilling their wanderlust. They work hard toward their goals and give everything they have, in order to travel the world. Fortunately, my brother and I, have been able to join them on some of their adventures. I admire my parents value for curiosity. They choose experience over possession without question. Because of this, I don't think I will ever stay in one place.

A few years ago my parents picked out a home away from home. An island getaway off the coast of Mexico, where they can escape the cold winters and swim underwater with the fishes (they are major scuba divers and underwater photographers). We try to gather here at the end of every Summer as a family. This year was the first time my husband and I were able to share this paradise together.

The island has two sides, the local and the wild.

The wild side is mostly untouched...primitive, except for the few beach bars powered by a generator. Here we discover gems, such as, natural whirlpools tucked into the angry tides, baby sea turtles releasing from their nest, and alligators lurking in the swamps. Today, we went off roading on a four wheeler through the jungle. The sea on the wild side has rough tides of blue and green hues. Although the location is remote, we come here when we are up for the unexpected.

The local side is populated with tourism, dive shops, and authentic neighborhoods. There is always somewhere to be, people to meet, and food to try. The waters are warm and calm. In the translucent turquoise, you will know when a fish is swimming near your toes. Although activities are always available, here you live on your own time...island time. 

I hold this location sacred in my heart, because it is a unique place our family has in common. It is our treasure, and I truly feel home when I am there with them. A safe haven that I know I can't stay in forever. I return to the States refreshed and craving new adventures after each trip. There's something sweet about the end of summer, knowing change is on the way. 

Our little getaway reminds me that the dream exists.

Pictured above are my best beach buddies, ideal for two weeks of living in the water and humidity. For sun protection I used Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 30. This is my all time favorite sunscreen. I rarely burn while using this product with a full day outdoors. I wore my Homesick Denim Cap for extra protection and because it looks great with everything. I felt supported and feminine in my floral bikini with peek-a-boo detail from Anthropologie. Tom's of Maine Lemongrass deodorant is free from aluminum, artificial fragrances and preservatives, which allowed my pores to breathe and stay fresh all day. I hydrated with water AND this uber encouraging mango papaya lotion from Target, which cured all senses of saltwater skin. With my Lifeproof case, I went snorkeling and jumped off a cliff into the sea with my IPhone. One might ask, why would you need to bring your cell phone in the ocean? It was not for communication, but for capturing moments in the water on camera! With the combination of these products, I was effortlessly comfortable with my body and I was able to focus on making memories with my family.


Written by Ari Frunze