The Girl Isn't Only Homesick

April 19, 2015

Homesick About Ari

B E I N G  P R E S E N T

To be honest, I live and breathe my brand, Homesick Clothing Co. Sometimes, I get so caught up in my work, I become involved in an alternate universe. I wanted to create a space on my site where I can collect and refresh back to reality; a place where I can write freely about anything and everything. Whether the content directly relates to Homesick or not, it all plays a part in the adventure. I want to look back years from now and at the end of every day, and say, "I am glad I was there". Reflecting is a crucial step in moving forward for the mind of an over-thinker.

Homesick About Ari

I  A M   N O T   O N L Y   H O M E S I C K 

My day is made when I eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I enjoy the sound of wind chimes and the clinking of my dog's paws on the hardwood floor. I rescued Cooper three years ago and he is a replica of my soul in canine form. I am most comfortable wearing an oversized tee and pants raised above my waistline. My go to look is casual tomboy with a feminine statement piece; such as, a floppy sun hat, a simple necklace, or a shade of lipstick. I used to be addicted to UV rays and tanning my skin, but within the last four years, I've grown to appreciate my natural tones and I am happiest when I am pale. I have a lot of freckles too, so it is extremely important I limit my sun exposure. I've learned that having houseplants truly makes a difference in creating a positive environment. My favorite forms of exercise are walking and pilates; both relieve tension and allow me to be in touch with my body. I am eternally grateful for being raised by parents who value travel and experience, because of them I am adventurous and I don't think I will ever stay in one place. I want to meet as many people as I can. Our vision is limited without trying to understand others. I am a major fan of collaborations, count me in. Two or more minds together is magic. Let's be friends!

Homesick About Ari

W H A T   I S   N E X T ?

Within the last year I transformed from being a college student with a schedule, to an adult with an open agenda. The pressure to figure out my plan and make a living was intensely heavy, especially for a girl who had to wear lucky purple underwear in order to pass a spelling test in the second grade. Since graduation, I've been working a variety of jobs and expanding on my Homesick business. I'm starting to find the balance between patience and determination. I stayed busy all winter, filling up with ideas for the future and now that the grass is ready to grow, I am too. 

It has been a while since I've released new product. I will admit, I am up to something. My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Portland, Oregon in a few weeks. I am ecstatic! I've had my eye on the Pacific Northwest for the past few years. When we return home, my team and I will be leaving for the road to create a film for Homesick's upcoming collection. For more information on our project, check out our campaign here, Endless thank yous to everyone who has donated or helped spread the word! This summer will be filled with many surprises and even more weddings. I am thrilled to celebrate love; to celebrate life.



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Photography by: Tracey Winholt