Two Years

August 11, 2015

Homesick My Remorse CodeHomesick My Remorse CodeHomesick My Remorse CodeHomesick My Remorse CodeHomesick My Remorse CodeHomesick My Remorse CodeHomesick My Remorse CodeHomesick My Remorse CodeHappy birthday, Homesick!

Two years ago, I was invited by a local pop rock/post hardcore band, My Remorse Code, to debut my first collection of graphic tees at their show.  They performed live at Mother's venue downtown Chicago, decked out in Homesick gear, which was on display and available for purchase to the right of the stage.  On August 8th, 2013 Homesick Clothing Co. was officially released to the public and the original version of our website was up and running. 

Through the members of My Remorse Code, I met Nicky Nuñez, a Chicago based artist and photographer. She took photos of our Homesick/My Remorse Code collaboration and I've been working with her ever since. 

Homesick has changed in many ways since the beginning of its time, but the core of its purpose still remains the same.  I started my brand in hopes of discovering a simpler explanation to the following questions: Why do we give energy to the past?  Why do we miss what we used to have so deeply?  Why are we drawn to one place more than another?  Why do we have the urge to explore?  Why do we love places we have never been?  I now believe these are inevitable thoughts we as humans are forever bound to have.  I understand that it is okay to feel unsure and nostalgic.  It is normal to be curious and to dream.  I am learning from Homesick's ongoing journey the importance of trusting your gut, letting love in, appreciating the little things, and being present for the moments you experience today. 

We will never have the specific answer to life here on Earth.  We do the best we can by simply absorbing our surroundings, breathing in our senses, and finding something to smile about. 

I am entirely grateful for the freedom to express myself openly to the public.  I can't say it has been a breezy ride, but I am growing into a stronger and wiser woman every day.  Thank you to everyone who has been involved in Homesick.  Your support has helped the brand blossom into what it is today and I am confident the potential is endless. 


Pictured: My Remorse Code
Clothing: the original five Homesick designs
Photography by: Nicky Nuñez