What Inspires You?

May 06, 2015

I've been looking back on my old photographs lately. Nostalgia carries a brief sadness and sometimes an even greater pleasure; an addicting, almost unreachable state of mind. Maybe it's because you're able to transport in time and a craved sensation travels through your toes to your chest. Imagination is truly powerful. I see a photo I captured of sunflowers about a year ago, and I remember how unhappy I was that particular day, but I also remember how warm the air felt and I miss it. I believe that being stuck in the past or missing a place where you used to be is common and partially healthy, if you don't dwell there for too long. Happiness is determined by how you react to the nostalgia. You can remain stagnant or you can embrace the lessons this memory once gave you, and you can use it as inspiration to move forward. 

I want to explore everything, old and new. Life is the greatest gift. 

Home can be the grilled burgers you ate on the back porch when you were seven, your dream house along an ocean coast, the world traveling adventures you wish for before you go to sleep, the silk sheets you roll around in now, your favorite raincoat, the combination of beer and leather, a slice of lemon in your tea, the tickle of your cat's fur against your bare skin, ice cubes crackling in warm water, the first sip of steamed coffee in the morning, or simply being next to a person you care about. 
I'd love to see what inspires you! 

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