Homesick Clothing Co. is an online shop of clothing and accessories,
curated and designed for the nostalgic, the romantic, and the independent 


We believe in product of simplicity, comfort, and purpose,
ingredients which encourage the growth of vivid and confident experiences


Our journey is an exploration of accepting the truth, appreciating the past, and discovering joy within each day



S T O R Y 

Homesick Clothing Co. was founded by writer and designer, Ari Frunze, in Chicago, IL. She wrote the journal entry above during a time of loss and depression, when the concept of homesickness and the monsters of her past consumed her. The creation of her line Homesick became her outlet for self improvement and an opportunity to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Frunze's work reflects her gratitude for where she's been and it gives her courage to keep moving forward. 


Get To Know Ari Beyond Her Story.

- Ari Frunze - Writer, Designer, Founder of Homesick Clothing Co.